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Posted by DataKitchen Marketing on Jul 3, 2018 2:57:00 PM


Leading a DataOps Cultural Revolution

DataOps is not just a new technology or tool. In its upcoming report, “DataOps: Industrializing Data and Analytics,” the Eckerson Group stresses that while rooted in automation technology, DataOps is a cultural change that enables people to work together more fluidly and with greater impact.

The DataOps leader should stay focused on the end-to-end data pipeline as a focal point of business processes. Automation is a strategic tool that enhances productivity, improves quality and fosters cross-functional collaboration. You know that DataOps has taken root when even individuals outside the data team think in terms of data pipelines and are empowered to conceive of new ideas and analytics.

The tools that support revision control, testing, workflows, orchestration, deployment, integration, and analytics are essential in that they serve the DataOps culture. By streamlining processes, minimizing non-value added work and breaking down barriers between departments, DataOps disrupts the tired, bureaucratic processes that prevent data teams from moving at the speed of the business.

In their latest report, the Eckerson Group walks the reader through an explanation of DataOps, data pipelines, use cases, technologies and implementation strategies. While the full research report is due out in July, you can check out their blog here.


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